Health Insurance

Personal Accident Indemnity Plan (Accident Only Insurance)
Accidents Happen:

Unintentional Injuries are the 5th leading cause of death overall and 1st among persons in age groups from 1-44 On the average, there are 13 unintentional-injury deaths and about 2,650 disabling injuries every hour during the year A disabling injury occurs in the home about every four seconds. In 2003 about 35% of all hospital emergency department visits in the US were Injury-related. Injury Facts, 2005-2006 Edition, National Safety Council

Specified Benefits are payable for covered person’s death, dismemberment, or injury caused by a covered accident that occurs on or off the job.

Plan Benefits

  •  Emergency Treatment
  •  Follow up Treatment
  •  Initial Hospitalization
  •  Hospital Confinement
  •  Physical Therapy
  •  Accidental Death
  •  Wellness
  •  and more…

Personal Sickness Indemnity Plan

Hospital Confinement Sickness Indemnity Limited Benefit Insurance

Aflac’s Personal Sickness Indemnity Plan pays cash benefits directly to you, unless assigned elsewhere, regardless of any other insurance you may have.

Plan Benefits

  •  Physician Benefits
  •  Follow up Treatment
  •  Initial Hospitalization
  •  Hospital Confinement
  •  Major Diagnostics
  •  Surgical coverage

Special Health Event Protection

The Specified Health Event Protection policy provides hospital intensive care coverage for sickness and injury, and provides specified health event coverage for critical illness.

This benefit pays a First Occurrence benefits as well as Hospital Confinement and Continuing Care benefits for:

  •  Heart Attack and Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  •  Stroke
  •  End-stage Renal failure
  •  Major Human Organ Transplant
  •  Major Third degree burns
  •  Coma

Vision Now (Vision Insurance)

Plan Benefits

  •  Eye Examination
  •  Vision Correction
  •  Specific Eye Diseases/Disorders
  •  Eye Surgery
  •  Permanent Vision Impairment
  •  and much more..