Insurance for the Elderly or Seniors

Elderly or Senior care Insurance Services is designed to help senior citizens understand Medicare supplement insurance plans as additional health coverage to their basic Medicare benefits. Because Medicare does not pay all of one’s medical expenses, most people need additional health insurance to fill the gaps in Medicare, for things such as deductibles, co-insurance amounts, non-allowable charges and non-covered services.

What Medicare Covers:

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A c overs your hospital care, skilled nursing, home healthcare, hospice and related expenses.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B covers your medically necessary healthcare expenses, other than those received in a hospital. There is a monthly premium to obtain Part B which is paid to the government.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D Plans are plans that you may choose to assist you in paying for your prescription drugs. There is a monthly premium for Part D plans.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans are health plans offered by private companies that receive subsidies from the federal government to provide coverage for members. These types of plans usually include limited benefits for vision, hearing and prescription drugs.

Now that you know exactly what each Medicare plan covers, the next step is to figure out plans you need to sustain the highest quality of life.

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