Hospitalization – Focus on your recovery

Now Available for Federal, Postal & DC Government Employees

Even with the best of health insurance, some of your cost for hospitalization and medical care may not be covered. When you consider the rising cost of high annual deductibles and co-payments your out-of-pocket expenses can add up quickly.

United America Financial, Inc. is pleased to offer a Hospital Confinement Indemnity Plan specifically designed to help close the gap in your existing insurance plan resulting from a covered sickness or injury.

Choose a benefit amount that works for you:

  • $50 to $400 a day daily benefit when hospitalized
  • Home Recuperation Benefit is 50% of the hospital confinement benefit ($25 to $200)
  • Guaranteed renewable up to age 65
  • Accidental Death Benefit included

Additional Features

  • Cash benefits paid directly to you
  • Use the benefits however you want
  • Low cost affordable premiums available through payroll deduction
  • Federal Tax Free Benefits

Focus on your recovery, not your finances!

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